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Joining the community is absolutely free for all businesses, entrepreneurs and even individuals. Speak to one of our account managers to get answers for your queries. Fill a simple membership form to join a loyal and ever growing BizX community. You pay a transaction fee to us only when you actually buy and sell via BizX.


That's it, you are all set to start. We will activate your membership and trading account in our system. Your business along with details of your products and services will be listed on the BizX Online Community Marketplace in no time. From here on, you can start exploring the possibilities with your new BizX community. 


BizX is your new market place for you to buy and sell more beyond cash only markets and channels. Explore the online Community Marketplace regularly to learn about the existing members as well see the new members who are joining the BizX community every day.


Browse all the latest listings and see the live offers for goods and services readily available in BizX inventory. Soon you will start realizing how BizX can add value to your business and also help improve your personal life every day.



Start trading via BizX in your new marketplace. Your Account Manager at BizX will help you trade with other community members every time you are buying or selling. Good thing is that you don't have to find or wait for matching partners to make a trade or exchange.


You can sell to any member today and buy from other community members later using community currency, the BizX Dollars which come with no expiry. It is just another method of receiving and making payments when you are buying from or selling to other community businesses via BizX.