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Receive your monthly trade statement to match all the purchases and sales made via BizX. Track all purchases and sales into a BizX GL account in your book keeping records. This will help both you and BizX keep a track of all the transactions, overall financials, debit or credit balance.


This is your community also, feel free to ask for any clarifications. Ask your account manager at BizX to clarify any questions that you may have. Share details as requested by your account manager to facilitate smooth reconciliations and solve discrepancies if any. 



BizX Dollars come with no expiry or time limitation for either you or BizX to utilize. Negative or positive trade balance in either your or BizX favor can be neutralized by receiving or offering products and services for the outstanding balance by both parties. BizX accepts only pre-approved goods and services into its inventory. 


Also certain products and services may be available in limited quantity and on priority basis to certain members at the discretion of BizX. Feel free to discuss with your account manager to understand how you can also explore all possible opportunities. BizX Dollars have no direct conversion value to actual cash. 



Some of your purchases may require a combination of BizX Dollars and partial cash contribution from you to fulfill. All cash payments including BizX fee and any partial cash components agreed to be paid to BizX are due from community members immediately at the time of trade confirmations unless agreed and approved otherwise in writing by BizX.


Your account manager at BizX will always discuss such trades with you prior to your confirmation. You can always decide to accept or decline such opportunities at your free will. All trades conducted between community members introduced by BizX shall be charged a transaction fee, all confirmations should only be routed via BizX.




BizX Fee

Community members pay a transaction fee on each trade. Talk to your account manager at BizX to know more.