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One thing that all community businesses have in common is their motivation to grow. And they all like how BizX helps them to sell more to a new, growing, committed and loyal community. Start monetizing more of your available products, inventory, services and capacity rather let it sit idle or perish. Earn BizX Dollars in your trading account with BizX every time your account manager helps you sell to other community members. 


What more, you can also accept direct trade credit as payment from other businesses who are actually not a part of BizX community to win new customers. Offer your surplus or unwanted trade acquired in the process to other BizX community members, just like your other products and services to earn more BizX Dollars.



Visit the online community market place to see all the listed members under various categories and also explore the live offers from BizX inventory. Talk to your account manager and share your requirements even if you don't find what you are looking for on the marketplace. BizX will try to sign up a new business who can meet your requirements. 


Approve the quote you receive from BizX if you like it and start using your BizX Dollars to pay for some of your purchases. You can also direct new vendors trying to sell you to join BizX community if they want to get your business. Everyone can earn and spend more BizX Dollars by joining the BizX community. 


You will practically buy from and sell to BizX every time you trade with any member. All trades amongst community members have to be initiated, routed and are subject to prior confirmation by BizX. Your account manager will facilitate buying and selling for you via formal quotes, trade authorizations, documentation and approval process just like any other purchase or sales that businesses agree upon.

Your trading account with BizX will be debited when you buy and credited when you sell with the respective BizX Dollars amount. Any cash component agreed will be over and above. BizX facilitates new and incremental business for members without cannibalizing existing cash relationships. Pre-existing cash relationship between members cannot be converted into trade exchange.