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BizX Dubai office has successfully engaged Etihad Airways (National Airline of UAE) on couple of projects. Etihad Airways trusted BizX to facilitate Ramadan Iftaar Dinner Project in July,16 for its top 175 VIP Corporate Customers. This required lot of convincing and confidence building on behalf of BizX as Etihad was dealing with BizX for the first time and it was a very prestigious project for them. Ultimately Etihad was comfortable to give us the job and BizX was able to successfully host the event for Etihad at premium 5 star Oberoi Hotel in Downtown Dubai.

Another project delivered in August includes approx. 100 k worth of electronics (iPhone, I pad’s, Apple Watches, etc.) which Etihad distributed as Gifts to the Travel Agents and other important channel partners. This doesn’t end here, BizX has been also briefed on outdoor media project coming up in November hopefully which should be approx. $ 150 k and they are in touch with BizX simultaneously for various gift item and other purchases. 

Etihad Airways has agreed to use BizX Dollars as currency of exchange for settlement for all these projects. This will allow BizX to book any destination ticket at any time any class without any expiry or limitations across Etihad Airways Network for its qualifying community members.

Etihad Airways is slowly becoming more and more comfortable every day working with BizX and value the partnership with BizX. It also shows us that BizX has the capacity to convince and service different types of needs of a world class airline with an annual revenue in excess of $ 9 billion with no shortage of cash. Etihad Airways still loves to save some cash outflow while utilizing available spare or perishable capacity and BizX is helping them.